This year, we are excited to bring you our personally authored children’s book, Where’s Frank?, that brings the icons to life. We hope you enjoy reading this with your family this Halloween.

Join the map!

We are accepting submissions for the 2021 Trick-or-Treat map. Show your neighbors what to expect at your house on Halloween this year!

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Welcome to the No Tricks Just Treats Project

We are excited to bring families an opportunity to show their participation in Trick-or-Treating this year as we all navigate our comfort level with COVID-19.

This interactive map is for families who want to disclose how they are participating in Halloween this year (or not). Your participation helps other families know what to expect when visiting your home and makes it possible for more children to participate in Trick-or-Treating this year!

Thank you! Ashley & Stephanie (For parents, by parents)

Each icon represents a different level of precaution being taken by that house on Halloween to help families easily find their comfort level in clusters.

Look for the teal circle to indicate that the location has allergy friendly options.

Spiders are passing out candy as usual.

Cauldrons will have a bowl for children to reach into, but require no interaction with the host to receive candy.

Pumpkins will greet guests, while wearing masks and maintaining social distance.

Witch hats will have candy in individual bags and require no interaction to receive candy.

Ghosts are extra creative and will have a candy chute or other creative means to provide trick-or-treaters with a no interaction experience!

We are thrilled to see that 1 in 3 participants of the map are offering allergy friendly options to Trick-or-Treaters. Look for the teal circle around an icon to see these participants!