Know Before Ya Go!

Our mission is to bring a safer version of Halloween to as many families nation-wide as possible. The project is designed to be inclusive of all participants no matter how you answer the survey questions. We are here to inform neighborhoods so that they may work together for the benefit of all of our children.

We admit, 2020 has been a bit scary, but using the Halloween map to make a plan for your family shouldn’t have to be. Below we outline our most commonly asked questions and answers.

I’m in a different city, can I still share the map?

Absolutely! Our map is built on a national scale so please share far and wide. If you are in a different country, please reach out to us via email.

How often do you update the map? What do I do if I do not see my house?

We make every effort to update the map with new submissions once a day, typically around the witching hour, through a batch process. We do review entries before publication to ensure that all is well with the record. If you do not see your house mapped and it has been 48 hours since you submitted your address, we suggest you inquire with us on the status as you may have a failed address that we could not accurately map.

I feel Halloween has worked fine in the past with leaving your porch light on, or off, to indicate participation. Don’t you think this is too complicated?

Well, no, we don’t, that’s why we built it for our own families to use. Our project only maps homes that will be passing out candy on Halloween night, so if you aren’t a Halloween enthusiast, you’ll need to use the ol’ porch light trick anyway.

The map is meant to indicate HOW people are handing out candy so that families can visit the houses they feel the most comfortable at in light of Covid-19. The time to find out your neighbor’s social distancing preferences is not when you are standing on their doorstep. Thus, our tagline, Know Before Ya Go.

Can you add: other countries, other languages, houses that are not participating, child predators, Covid heat mapping, etcetera to the project?

We love receiving feedback about the project, and wish that we could implement every suggestion. Each idea brings us closer to a product that meet’s everyone’s needs. However, with Halloween just around the corner, we simply don’t have enough time to build out every great idea.  We are aiming to prioritize ideas that will positively impact the most people or have the quickest implementation – We do the easy homework first too 😉

However, if we receive enough feedback from all of you that you would like to see a particular feature on the map (or if our superpowers kick in) we will happily add these features to later releases.

I would like to know more about Trick-or-Treaters. Will they be wearing masks, how to encourage they take only one piece of candy, can they arrive at certain times?

We see the potential value here also. Our map is specifically tethered to an address, and how that homeowner will be participating. The map we offer is in no way a replacement for local, federal, or CDC guidance on how best to remain safe during this time, especially to those visiting houses. If you as a homeowner have a specific request to those visiting your home, we are not able to reflect that within our map.

Isn’t the CDC recommending to cancel Halloween this year?

Actually, the CDC recommends enjoying socially-distanced Halloween activities.  This can be incorporated into Trick-or-Treating by delivering candy via a chute (or other creative means) or contactless candy pick up. You would want to check out the *ghosts* and *witch hat* icons on our map for houses following these practices.

With some common sense and a few adjustments on our part we can all have a fun and safe Halloween.

It looks like there are a lot of *spiders* (non-distanced candy distribution) on your map. Is this safe?

In short, we believe the existence of this map makes Halloween safer for everyone participating.

The map is not reflective of anything we’ve done, but rather is a picture of how the residents of an area have responded. You are seeing the data as it exists. Our goal here is simply to give folks an idea of where to go based on their individual comfort levels with Covid-19.

The ghost and witch hat icons are for people who are offering a socially distanced experience where you can pick up candy without contact (which is actually right in line with the CDC guidelines). If you prefer regular F2F style trick or treating there are icons for that too represented by pumpkins and spiders.

Doesn’t someone (Nextdoor, Hershey’s, Teal Pumpkin project, etc) already make a map? Why are you making another one?

All of those maps have been tremendously helpful in years’ past, but none of them show specific houses that are distributing candy and the Covid precautions they are taking. The No Tricks Just Treats map combines both pieces of information plus indicates allergy friendly houses to give you the most complete information about what to expect on Halloween night.

Is my data secure? Do you sell it?

Your data is secured by Google servers, only accessible by those sworn to secrecy in the No Tricks Just Treats Project (ie Ashley & Stephanie). Most importantly, we do not sell your data to 3rd party marketers. We value the relationships we have built in our communities, plus we hate junk mail too! We do study your responses from a social and data science perspective while thinking about the aggregate sentiment of our peers in various geographical areas as it relates to Covid-19. We may, at a future date, elect to use the aggregate data in an anonymized way to talk broadly about the project and how our participants elected to participate (or not) in a community led Halloween.

How do I remove my house or change my survey answers?

To request that your previous entry be omitted from the map or to request a change to your entry, please complete the form here: https://forms.gle/PZaZJ3QEXU9UQn9d9

Requests to remove or alter a submission can only be approved if the email address used to submit is the same one being used to make the change/cancel request. Expect processing to take 48 – 72 hours, with all requests completed before 10:00 AM CST on Halloween, 10/31/2020. We will not be able to make any further changes to the map after 10:00 AM CST on 10/31/2020.

Thank you for setting this up!!! ❤️❤️

Elizabeth from South Carolina

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