At the intersection of data science, epidemiology, and a love of all things Halloween is the No Tricks Just Treats Project. This social impact project launched on September 10th, 2020 in response to our concerns over how we could still deliver a safe and fun Halloween to our children. The architecture of the project is scalable and now being offered nationwide to interested communities. We encourage you to reach out if you would like to promote the brand and map in your neighborhood!

Ashley Wilson

The operations exec + data scientist, google forms nerd, geospatial analytics enthusiast and mom of three boys

I am:

A Risk Management and Insurance undergrad, seasoned executive, extra talented at growing and running companies.

A female founder, leading JAW Analytics,, Covid2020, and The No Tricks Just Treats Project.

A Harvard Business Analytics Grad with distinction, proud ambassador, and guest speaker.

Innovator. Mother. Ethics in AI leader. Available for hire for your next big thing.

Stephanie Fowler

The scientist that keeps it all straight, master of details, seriously crafty, and general Wonder Woman

I am:

A Neuroscientist turned project manager. Using my PhD to design research studies in the Texas Medical Center and explain viruses and bacteria to my friends at home.

Running one of the biggest microbiome research facilities in the country.

“Essential” since March and making it work, while keeping things fun for a ghost and tiny ghoul at home.

Dedicated. Detailed. Community minded. Ready to leverage science and innovation to make our lives better.

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